Handpainted Recycled Cargo Pant Bucket Tote

I wanted to share this tote and mention the inspiration behind creating it and where the idea came from. I started attending some quilting groups that a close friend of mine hosted awhile back and the great part of this group is that we challenged each other but had no rules:) I wanted to try something different, a new technique, aside from what was normal for me. I discovered a great article in Quilting Arts magazine in which I read about using bleach pens on fabric. I thought that along with my usual leather materials I could create a bag that was entirely recycled with a very colorful art flair to it. So I used an old pair of black cargo pants for the main part of the bag and and an old belt for the strap. I was very happy with the end result. This bag was fun to create because it allowed me to paint and experiment with new fabrics.  You may be seeing more of these colorful totes springing up in the future. Click on the photo to see the entire image


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