Inspiration In the Garden

I have been thinking a lot lately about the things that really drive my creativity and the biggest influence in my art is nature. One of the greatest joys is waking up and hearing the birds sing. I love spending hours in the garden, hands in the soil creating a masterpiece from just an tiny seed. All of it starting with just a thought. Always beginning with a piece of paper and dream of what I want the garden to look like, sketching it all out, much like I do with my handbags.  It is something that makes me feel connected and alive. When I create my art, I am working from what makes me naturally happy and joyful. I am constantly bringing the love of nature into my art creating images of butterflies and flowers. In the blog posts to follow I will be sharing some of my garden and close up flower photography, I hope you enjoy them. This is an image of a garden I created filled with zinnias and about 5 different types of sunflowers. Here I am in the photo staking my new hollyhocks preparing for the strong winds. More photos coming soon…. click on the photo to view the full image


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