Handpainted Recycled Cargo Pant Bucket Tote

I wanted to share this tote and mention the inspiration behind creating it and where the idea came from. I started attending some quilting groups that a close friend of mine hosted awhile back and the great part of this group is that we challenged each other but had no

Work In Progress

I am back to experimenting with some of my very first original creations that include the leather flower blossoms. This is close to the current bag I carry today, only I am making this one about 1/3 the length, a mini version. I’m in love with the gun metal color

Latest Showing

Thanks to everyone of you who came to support me at my show yesterday at the Atlantis Casino and Spa and for supporting the museum. A percentage of the proceeds benefit the Musuem Of Art Education Programs. The Nevada Museum of Art, Reno always does such a great job with