Letting Go!

My creativity feels a little blocked this week, lots on my mind lately. I don’t think I can say that I’ve prepared myself well enough for this day. My daughter just left yesterday for boot camp and I am feeling it. There is an emptiness without her. I guess every mom goes through this moment when their kids must leave home…and wow, am I really that old already?! I have developed a very special bond with her this last year and a half, we’ve been through some difficult times and we’ve stuck close together, she is an amazing young lady. This will be a long 8.5 weeks without her. My butterflies are a reminder that I must let her go and spread her wings in this big world to pursue her dreams. I will see her again when she graduates and begins her new career in the Air Force at the end of September. I am very proud, but I miss her sooo much. Here is a progress of some of my creations, full of color and ready to fly!


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